Lab. Intro.

The Information Retrieval Lab of The School of Computer Science and Technology, Shandong University, was established in the year of 2004. There are 6 faculty members (four professors, two associate professors) and near 70 graduate students (19 PhD candidates and 51 masters) in the lab.

Now the lab is undertaking more than 30 funding projects, including the NSF of China, the National 863 project and the projects of Shandong Province and the Education Ministry of China, as well as some applications on the Internet. The researches being carried out involve information retrieval, natural language processing, big data mining, social computing, recommendation system and machine learning. More than 200 papers were published in international journals and conferences within recent 5 years.

Besides above theoretical researches, the students of the lab developed or are developing several Web applications to sever the society, which include vertical search engines for real estates, web data collection and analysis and research paper recommendation.

The lab encourages the communication with the universities and research institutes abroad and home, and welcomes the excellent students to join the lab.