E-mail: caixunzh AT sdu DOT edu DOT cn

  • Research interests: Image/Video Recognition; Optimization Algorithm; Digital Signal Processing.
  • Cai Xun is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Technology at Shandong University. She graduated with a BA in Industrial Automation from the Department of Controller and Engineer of Shandong University, MS in Application of Computation from Shandong University, and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Shandong University.
  • Cai Xun's research aims to improve the design and efficiency of complex systems such as video surveillance systems and automation controller system by using some machine learning methods such as machine learning methods, especially neural network, SVM and other new techniques of optimization algorithms. She is also interested in digital signal processing to improve the object recognition and tracing. She is very interested in how to reduce the various illumination effects of image recognition and how to speed the convergence and reduce the complexity of neural network. Her research in UTA as a visitor lightens her that the deeply learning the theory of optimization algorithms and digital processing is needed for solving practically relevant problems . Her recent work examines how to improve the convergence of neural network.


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  • 教学

    • Fall 2012: The Fundamental Theory of Digital Signal Processing
    • Spring 2010: The Introduction of Computer Culture
    • Fall 2009: The Fundamental Theory of Digital Signal Processing